House of Lemuria




Samples of Kryon, Dr. Todd, and the Lemurian Choir feed the musical alchemy for a genre-bending sonic celebration. We offer an album of uplifting messages, full spectrum sacred tones & frequencies, dance beats and embodied grace. Turn the Key! Genre: Electronic: House Release Date: 11-11-2013
House of Lemuria is a project from the fellowship of m.o.r.e. under the musical direction of Darrell Laham. This is a truly unique listening, dancing and learning experience. Kryon and Dr. Todd followers will hear beloved messages and tones in a whole new way, integrated into songs of sacred frequency and movement.
This is music of celebration and change. We know you will enjoy the experience both in trance on the dance floor and entrained in the intimacy of your own headphones.
11 tracks 1 hour 11 minutes
Cover Art copyright Deb DeLisi