Pineal Tones

/ˈpīnēəl,pīˈnēəl,ˈpinēəl  tōnz /  noun : A system of sounds based on ancient ways of knowing.
Thousands of people around the world have learned this unique system of singing tones and experienced increased well-being, balance, and advanced meditative states.

Lemurian Choir B – Maui, 2012

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UPDATE: Hawaii Aloha Choir

Your safety is our top priority. Because of the global pandemic, we’ve postponed our final choir (2020) in Hawaii.

The new date is February 20-22, 2022.

If you’ve previously registered, your registration has shifted to our new date. You do not need to do anything more.

If you have not registered, there’s still time. Previous choirs have sold out, and this one will too. Reserve your seat now for our final choir!

A Harmonious Message from Dr. Todd

My Dear Friends,

We are truly living in remarkable times. Our usual patterns and habits have been interrupted. We can pause for a moment and think and wonder who we really are and why we are really here. We also get to choose the kind of new reality we will face or that we can enjoy based on how we use our minds and intentions.

Among the most powerful ways to turn off the stress response and boost the immune system is to make tones with your voice. Studies have shown a reduced cortisol stress response from the adrenals as well as enhanced function of various aspects of the immune system simply by singing tones with your own voice.

So that you may sail through corona times smoothly, we are offering a simple practice with recordings to which you can simply sing along. Four simple yet powerful tone patterns have been selected from The Lemurian Choir of 12-21-12.

We invite and encourage you to sing these tones at least once a day, ideally when you start or complete the day. It’s even better if you do this practice at both times. This will create both a coherent field within your body, as well as a global field produced by all of us singing together. This alone can change the world for all of us internally and for the planet as a whole.

As this year, 2020, celebrates the 4 – as well as clear vision – we will be providing 4 tone patterns. The level numbers and intentions are: 19 – a return to genesis, 20 – activating DNA codes for mastery, 23 – merging with the earth, and 24 – returning home.

If you’d like to hear and sing along with the patterns please CLICK HERE for your complimentary download.


Past Choirs

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Years Toning

An Exciting New Documentary

The 1 Field

Can spirit be measured? Is there a field that connects everything? Can we use consciousness to influence our lives, our bodies and our environment, beyond genes or environmental limitations into which we were born?
This groundbreaking extraordinary new film sets out to find these answers with leading experts Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Lee Carroll, Dr. Rollin McCraty, Dr. Roger Nelson, Professor Carlo Ventura and many more…
Through interwoven storylines, and using scientific tools of the 21st century, this film explores the life stories and research of groundbreaking figures in the study of consciousness. 

Past Choirs

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About US

Our Story

The Pineal Tones(tm) are designed to assist with human balance, health, and expansion of awareness.

Developed by Dr.  Ovokaitys, M.D., The Pineal Tones(tm) use the human voice to produce tones and overtone patterns that can balance and center the body, mind, and being. Toning has been found to stimulate the vagus nerve, part of the parasympathetic nervous system, amplifying relaxation and stress reduction effects.

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We’re Moving Online!

New Online Courses Starting

Like most of the world, the Covid-19 pandemic is asking us to adapt to new rules and social distancing.

So, we’ve decided to expand with online courses! We invite you to join us.

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Dr. Todd’s USA Pineal Tones

Sound Science with Soul

Dr. Todd will be sharing new and updated information because so much has happened with his work in the last two years.

Learn How It all works together:

  • Pineal Tones including the new Lullabies
  • Immersion in the DNA Field
  • Enhancing Human Performance
  • Biological Decoding, and more


Self Learning Courses & Guides

Online Self Paced

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Widsom Choir

Borovets, Bulgaria, 2019

Avalon Choir

Glastombury, UK

Quantum Choir

Chamonix, France, 2017

Located at the foothills of Mont Blanc – one of the twelve major nodes on the planet — Chamonix is a picturesque village and the perfect place for more than 400 lightworkers to gather and sing the Pineal Tones. During the Choir, Kryon revealed that the matching null to the Mont Blanc node was Mt Aconcagua, Argentina! In addition, two special Pleaidian lullabyes were sung by the Quantum Choir as powerful reminders of the light we carry within.

Christalline Choir

Mt. Ida, Arkansas USA, 2015

Creation Choir

Uluru, Australia, 2016

Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is located within the Northern Territory of Australia – the red center! This outback desert has been home to the indigenous Anangnu Aborigines for over 40,000 years. Uluru is a very sacred place and was the perfect location for The Creation Choir, singing tones that took us back to our original creation.

Divine Celebration Choir

Mount Shasta, California, USA, 2014

Compassion Choir

Cancun, Mexico, 2013


Why Attend a Choir?

Because You Can…

  • Amplify your personal abilities and gifts
  • Break through barriers to higher dimensional DNA attributes
  • Prompt profound personal transformation and healing
  • Open new doors of awareness
  • Magnify intention and synchronicity in your life
  • Awaken positive earth potentials through activation of specific nodes
  • Experience the expansion and well-being of group toning
  • Meet kindred spirits!

 …Singing, who me? 

Well, not exactly — the choir is made of people like you who enjoy toning and raising their vibrations together through sound. You don’t have to have an exquisite singing voice to tone.

Join us!

We’d love to have you join one of our Pineal Tones Choirs. There is a pre-requisite for joining. It is important that everyone participating in the ceremony know the toning basics to be able to sing together as a choir. Therefore, you need to have completed training in the Pineal Tones either through an in-person seminar or through a webinar with Dr. Tdd.

If you have participated in a previous choir as a “choirster” (singer) then you will qualify for another one.

You can register for a choir before you complete your required rehearsal – you only need to promise that you will complete your course at least one week before the choir.

You Have Questions

We Have Answers!

Can I teach the Pineal Tones™?

Participants in the Pineal Toning™ seminars and gatherings are welcome to informally share the tones with their friends and family.

We ask that you do not teach the tones or publish the Pineal Tones™ in the form of seminars –  online, phone, or in person – without the express written consent of Dr. Todd.

We are currently working on creating a platform for the tones to be officially shared more widely.

How and where may I learn this toning?
We are always working on a schedule of very special Pineal Toning Seminars for each year. As events are scheduled, they will be posted on all the sites related to the toning.
Look for seminars both in the USA and abroad as well as our online options for learn the tones.
Please sign up for our newsletter and Check our Events page for updates.
May I use the Pineal Tones™ in my healing practice?

As a Pineal Tones seminar participant, you are free to use the recordings you were sent, or your voice, to work with your clients.

We ask that you do this as an adjunct to your current practice and you do not create a separate platform or practice that uses the Pineal Tones™

Where can I get recordings of past choirs?

Please visit our Shop for current recording options. Since the 2012 Reunion Choir in Maui, we’ve recoded many events.

As each choir recording becomes available it will be listed in our shop and announced in our newsletter.

How can I get regular updates on the Pineal Tones?

Sign up for our Newsletter where we announce the latest events and updates regarding the Pineal Tones. Sign up HERE.


May I use the Pineal Tones Choir Logo in a product or service that I created?

We ask that you not use the Pineal Tones Choir Logos in products or services that you have created. 

Learn to Tone Today!

Learning to tone is a fantastic way to control stress, open your mind to new experiences, and keep your health up. It’s also necessary if you want to join one of our in-person choirs. We’ve made it easy to get started with our online training!

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