PinealTones is our information site for the Lemurian Choir, Compassion, Celebration, Healing, Intention and Creation choirs. It’s about all things related to Dr Todd’s Pineal Toning Technique and official events.  This is a place to share our experiences and stories documenting our experiences involving learning, practicing and performing the Pineal Tones™.

Thousands of people have learned the Pineal Toning Technique™ with Dr. Todd through the years and there are many many stories to tell and much information on these pages! You may comment on stories or submit your own  for posting. We welcome and encourage your contributions!

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Maui Lemurian Reunion Choir

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Pleiadian Cosmology Revealed

Sedona Summer Light Conference

Sedona Summer Light Conference. Lee Carrol (Kryon) and Robert Coxon on Stage.

Hear the latest information on the what the Pineal Tones really are. We have known for some time that the tones are healing and activate the nodes of planet earth which activate in turn activates humanity.

This special Kryon channel was given to a group of toners at Dr. Todd’s latest “Immersion in DNA” workshop in Sedona on June 8, 2015.  This was an extra special gathering of souls — listen to what they heard HERE: (click to download).

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Be sure to join Lee Carroll, Dr Todd in the energy in Israel dedicated as the special Healing Choir. This choir is so energetically important to the energies of the earth that it is the only Choir that has not required you to have a prerequisite workshop to participate.  Maybe YOU are one of the ones who has the gift of interpretation of the Galactic, Pleiadian story the Pineal Tones tell.

Check out all the cool things happening with the Healing Choir in Israel HERE.



Even if you haven’t joined the Israel Kryon tour, you can join the Healing Choir and participate in any of the special events following the Healing Choir.

Church of the Nativity - Join the experience.

Church of the Nativity – Join the experience.

Sacred Follow-up Events



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